Kim Kardashian Knows How To Launch A Fragrance (PHOTOS)

You can call Kim Kardashian a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them. She definitely knows how to promote her brand. And promote away she did on Saturday night in a sexy skin-tight, criss-crossed dress at the launch party for her new fragrance at Tao in Las Vegas. 

We don't know how she does it, but she's never looked hotter! Don't you agree? See the pictures in our gallery and let us know what you think in the comment section!



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  • ..:)

    kim is so pretty i can see some ppl dont like her but really if u dont just stop commenting shes got a good body and shes showing it off just the same as u would if u haters looked like her

  • Brit

    "Kim K is the prettiest thing I have EVER seen in my life!!!" THEN YOU MUST BE ON CRACK.........

  • Brit


  • Brit

    NOW THIS IS A TRUE SLUT.........

  • Alyssa

    WHERE is this dress from?! Obsessed!

  • Jenifer Birch
    Jenifer Birch

    Kim K is the prettiest thing I have EVER seen in my life!!!

  • moncheri21

    Go Kim! We share the same birthday! Oct. 21 . . .

  • harry

    thats her f*cking face lol...

  • jaz

    looks like a cheap hooker with cheap cologne

  • tamika

    her breasts are whats selling the product

  • Tumza

    Nice one Kim, i want that perfume!!!

  • akNi

    I think if you want to promote your perfume, u must sell the product not sell what u got, in these photos the only outstanding are her breats.. I can't even see what color the perfume is.. I don't understand the necessity of showing too much. less is more!

  • noah

    This photo is right on so many levels.