Robert Pattinson Does The Today Show For Your Monday Morning Wakeup! (VIDEO)

This is EXACTLY what we needed to start our Monday morning off on the right foot, and we think you’ll agree. Robert Pattinson appeared as his usual charming self on the Today Show this morning in his interview with Matt Lauer to promote his new movie Remember Me.

The actor, who confessed that interviewing for his new role is a whole new ball game since he’s so used to the monotonous answers from the Twilight promotional rounds, also talked about his racy Details spread, Breaking Dawn, and much more!

And, off course, he talked about the reason for doing Remember Me. He confessed,

“When I first read the script, there just seemed to be something about it that didn’t really feel like a film. It felt like . . . there was a reason to do it. It wasn’t just written to be filmed. I don’t know, there was just something special about it. And I thought that every part of it helped it become what it is.”

Soo…how handsome does he look?

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