“We’re With Coco”: Celebuzz’s Hard-Hitting Exclusive Interview With Ice-T’s Model Muse

Curvaceous glamour model, Nicole Austin, aka, Coco, is coming for you, America. No, not for your men, for your women. While the thirty-year-old actress and model with the world’s most famous bottomside has spent the last decade attracting male attention, she’s now preparing for the launch of her fashion and nutrition blogsite, and related clothing line, to serve the vast majority of women out there for whom “curves” and “careers” are part of their daily juggle.

Celebuzz caught up with Coco from her office on the set of the NBC’s long running hit show, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU), where she serves as personal manager to her husband of almost ten-years, actor and former gangster rapper, Ice-T. We asked all the tough questions, and Coco shared with us not just the news of her upcoming female-oriented digital complement to her existing Coco’s World website, but her thoughts on love, life, body, and career and why she is one of the very few pin-up models who attracts a large, female audience.

(Be sure to visit the photo gallery of unique pics Coco sent us to share with the Celebuzz community!)

Coco’s First Love: Her “Baby Boo”

In speaking with Coco, it becomes immediately clear that she is madly in love with her husband of ten-years (this December), Ice-T, who she refers to as her “best friend” and, more affectionately, her “Baby Boo”. Coco admits that for a shy “tomboy” from a family of Yugoslavian immigrants, a head-over-heels-romance and marriage to a former gangster rapper, twenty-years her senior, was quite unexpected.  But, Coco states, from the moment she saw “Ice” in his “red, snakeskin suit” and he dazzled her with his wit and charm, she knew he was going to be the future Mr. Coco.  In fact, Coco and Ice “exchanged vows” just two months after meeting, while laying in bed, and looking into each other’s eyes, both “knowing they wanted to be together forever”.  Coco describes it as clearly the most romantic moment of her life.  She understands some detractors may call it silly, but, ten years later, Coco and Ice remain not only one of the longer lasting celebrity couples, but two people who have intentionally set up their lives to be together everyday.

(While Coco refers to Ice as her “Baby Boo”, Ice’s pet name for Coco is “Monkey Neck”.  Tweet at Coco and ask her how she got this odd nickname! )

Coco and Ice travel together every morning to the set of SVU, where Coco maintains a full-time office, until recently, spending most of her days managing Ice’s numerous professional activities above and beyond his role as Detective, now, spending more time pursuing her own professional passions, including Coco’s World and her soon to be launched blogsite and fashion line — just for the ladies. 

(While in the office, Coco also plays mommy to Richard Belzer’s doggie)

Why Does Coco Attract Such A Large Female-Audience?

While this former Playboy Mansion hostess certainly scores points with the male peeps, through the years, her media audience has begun to skew more and more toward a female audience, to the point that her latest demographic polling shows a near 50-50 male-female split among her viewing and reading public.  These statistics are highly unusual for women of Coco’s designs.

Coco attributes her growing fondness among the fairer sex to the simple fact that women are now getting to know her as a person, with old-fashioned values, including as a devoted wife and career woman with common interests in body, health, and, of course, shoes.  She does believe that while there is the occasional, oddball opponent, most people are highly admirable and supportive of her interracial marriage, the type of which may have been beyond scandalous just a few decades ago.  Coco cites Twitter as an extremely helpful tool for her to reach her fans with the real facts about her personal life, her own positive spin on her professional pursuits, and countering untruths about her and her husband in the media.

(Coco says the only time she ever gets upset is when somebody attacks her husband.  She mentions a particular Twitter-battle with Ashlee Simpson, who had taken a shot at her “older” husband, with Coco firing back that she’d never even heard of Ashlee Simpson, let alone her musical accomplishments that put her on the level to be criticizing other artists.)

One rumor that continues to pop up about Coco is that she is a “party girl”.  According to Coco, she definitely likes to party, “but only with her man”.  And, truthfully, she’d always prefer a quiet night out (or just at home) to any nightclub scene.  Coco proudly boasts her decade of pure monogamous bliss with her husband and plans for a future “Little Coco” (a girl, she really hopes), though not in the immediate future, as she understands her and Ice’s days are currently too full to take on the big responsibility of a baby.  Coco points to SVU star, Mariska Hargitay, as a role model for a career woman who had her first child in 2006 at age, 42.

Though Coco is already planning the cute outfits and hair-styles for her future daughter, she will not be encouraging her offspring to get into the modeling business, because it’s just too rough.  She imagines a tomboy daughter, like herself, using her brain to become a lawyer (like the savvy legal eagles on Law & Order)

The Story Behind Coco’s “Behind”

Coco is adamant about the fact that while her “top may be enhanced”, her (in)famous bottomside is Coco, au natural.  She attributes her bodacious bubble butt to family genes (she says even her grandma from the Old Country had butt cleavage!), diet (as in not being afraid to be a curvy woman) and butt-shaping exercises, hardcore, in the gym.

As to the latter, Coco visits the gym a minimum of three days a week, typically with her husband, and focuses on three main exercises: squats, lunges, and abdominal crunches, each of which she does with weights (though she recommends newcomers take it easy on the weights) to build out her outer thighs and glutes (aka butt muscles).  The result, one of the world’s most renowned badonka-donks.

As for other famous “butts” in celebrity-land, Coco admits that some are likely the result of artificial assistance, including “fat injections”, but she’s not naming names because she believes that would make her no better than the spurious media outlets and plastic surgery websites that accuse her of having work done that she has not.  “Unless you know for sure, you shouldn’t say, and even then, you shouldn’t say,” said Coco, who believes that the most important thing for women is to feel comfortable with their bodies, regardless.

Of course, Coco did single out Kim Kardashian as a celeb with a noteworthy bottom.  Any professional jealousy?  No, just mutual respect for the behinds.

Feeling Girlish All Day

It becomes clear in speaking with Coco that she is by, for, and all about being a woman.  She is a self-described tom boy turned girlie girl, who says “she wants to feel girlish all day, everyday.”  For Coco, in addition to shopping for clothes that will fill her closet and cause her to try on a dozen or more outfits before deciding for the day, this means heels, 24×7, and her ever-present lip gloss, which she puts on in the morning, afternoon, and even getting into bed at night.  While she takes time with hair and makeup, it’s really the clothes and shoes that drive her, and her waiting husband, to madness when its time to leave their home, either for work or for an evening out.

When out on the town, Coco has learned to deal with the omnipresent paparazzi and adoring fans.  As to the former, while she used to be near “nauseous” from the anxiety of being photographed (and critiqued) every time she was out in public, over the years she has learned that it comes with the territory of being a celebrity, most especially in a high-profile marriage and she now tries to have fun with the outrageous outfits and playing to the cameras with some of her more playful poses.  On the upside, she loves being approached by fans for autographs or just to talk, although she admits it can be awkward when you’re out with your husband in a romantic moment, a serious conversation, or even the occasional fight, and fans come up to say hello.  “You have to learn to turn it on and turn it off,” remarks Coco, about the ability to lead a private life in the public eye.

A Celebrity Who Still Gets Googly Over Other Celebrities

While Coco has become a noteworthy public figure in her own right, she admits she still gets silly-goofy when in the presence of the many celebrities she gets to meet through her own career as well as with Ice.  She notes that while she never expected it to happen, she felt weak in the knees when meeting John Travolta and Kelly Preston recently; they’re a couple she admires for their successful, near twenty-year Hollywood marriage, and ability to stay grounded despite so much publicity and entertainment success.  Another name Coco mentions in her “idol” category is model Heidi Klum, who seems to so successfully manage her career, kids, and her own interracial, musical marriage to crooner, Seal.   Coco also cites being excited for the upcoming arrival of Sharon Stone on the set of SVU, as Stone is somebody Coco has always admired for being a “strong, sexy, woman who continues to shine year after year.”

As for leading-men Coco adores, the name Gerard Butler came up rather immediately.  Coco mentions Gerard for his tremendous acting talents, his range that allows him to be great both as an action hero and romantic comedian, and (after Ice left the room for a moment), Coco admitted that he’s also damn cute!  (And the same for Leo DiCaprio, both on the acting talent side and the “cute” side.) 

When asked who might be able to play “Coco” herself, Coco mentioned Shakira, we’re assuming it’s a rump shaking thing.

The Future For Coco

Right now, it’s all about preparing for the launch of her new, female-focused blogsite that will feature information on Coco’s personal and professional life, her fashion advice (including a “Shoes of the Week” highlight, as Coco searches the world for the perfect shoes), and the launch of her own clothing line for “curvaceous” women (with fabrics that stretch and “complement the body, as opposed to “torturing it”).

Coco continues to Twitter and Twitpic as a means to connect to her fans before, during, and after the launch of her new site, continue providing her male fans with the best of the best of Coco at Coco’s World, and also will still be managing some elements of Ice’s professional endeavors. 

If there’s one thing Coco’s not lacking, it’s ambition.  Blond ambition.


(New pics of Coco available in our exclusive photo gallery.)