Lady GaGa Reveals Sex-Scandal Shocker: She’s Celibate!

Sounds like Lady GaGa won’t be putting her signature line of condoms to use anytime soon. The Pantless One revealed to British newspaper The Mirror on Monday that, due to the rigors of fame, she doesn’t have time to get busy these days:

“I haven’t got time to spend on the road to get to know anyone. Even Lady Gaga can be celibate. You don’t have to have sex to be loved.”

Sure, true enough—just ask Nick Jonas. But how does arguably the sexiest musical artist on the scene today manage to endure her career-dictated dry spell without exploding into a million tiny, frustrated pieces? The “Poker Face” chanteuse relies on the platonic love of her followers:

“When I see my beautiful fans I feel how much they protect and mean to me. It would be irresponsible if I didn’t protect them and teach young people to be self-expressive, to love yourself.”

Self-Love 101 With Lady GaGa: We smell a series of instructional DVDs in the works.

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