Lindsay Lohan Fails at the Whole Remorse Thing by Comparing Rehab to Vacation

When most people want to go on vacation, they squirrel away part of their paychecks all year, book a flight months in advance, and diligently research hotels for the best bargain. But for Lindsay Lohan, carving out a little “me” time is as simple as getting slapped with a DUI or two, and maybe a charge of cocaine possession for good measure.

The oft-troubled Just My Luck actress recently sat down with OK! Magazine to discuss her multiple rehab stints, noting that her therapeutic time-outs were a necessary step in curbing her self-destructive behavior and detailing the many positive lessons she’d learned.

Just kidding, she said she only went because the court made her, and it was totally like a holiday:

“Well, the second two times I went into rehab, to be honest with you, I had to go because it was a court thing. It was an obligation. I had to do it to stay out of getting any jail time. And I took responsibility for that. And it was like a vacation.”

But before you get the wrong idea, LiLo was quick to add that rehab also allowed her to expand her social circle:

“I love meeting new people and seeing what they’ve been experiencing. That’s what I go through in different characters. And I met some great people.”

Solid plan, Linds. After all, it’s important to establish new connections for when you finally get back on the outside.

Oh, and to make absolutely sure that no one thinks that she’s taken her rehab seriously, Lohan was careful to note that, yes, she still knocks back a drink or two on occasion:

“It depends on the situation. I mean, yes…”

Sure, there are plenty of situations where a substance abuser might deem it acceptable to fall off the wagon just a wee little bit. Like, say, any day ending in the letter “y,” huh Linds?