Robert Pattinson Goes Out on a Limb (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson Goes Out on a Limb (VIDEO)-photo

What's better than one Robert Pattinson? Two Robert Pattinsons, duh! And that's what viewers got, sort of, on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night.

The New Moon heartthrob turned up on Fallon's talk show on Monday to promote his new romantic drama Remember Me and, naturally, he had to address Fallon's recurring "Robert Pattinson Is Bothered" sketches. Hilarity, as they say, ensued.

Check out video of R-Pattz climbing a tree to confront his mocker, as well as his Late Night interview, below:



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  • sophie1986

    Jimmy sounds like Mike Meyers. Funny vid though.

  • Unknown

    Just watched Rob on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart - good interview!



  • obsessed

    OMG SO FUNNY LOVED IT!! finally the reunion of these 2 i was waiting to see this. love jimmy fallon and the skit with rob up the treeee hahah:P

  • lizzie

    lmao when he shakes his head at the end :L hahaha. the interview was funny aswell - the twight stripes :L

  • tatts09

    hahahah..i loved the partwhen robert said."HEY!!I DON'T TALK LIKE THAT!!"

  • lully

    this show was awesome.. i love the part that rob said BOTHERED..very HILARIOUS :))


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