John Mayer Continues to Enchant the World With That Pretty Mouth of His

Apparently, John Mayer is engaged in a high-stakes game of “Hey, guess how many feet I can fit in my mouth!” these days.

The recently embattled troubadour, who’s still trying to recover from a series of unfortunate comments he made in a Playboy interview last month, once again alienated a portion of the public with his big yap in New York over the weekend.

After a pair of back-to-back sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden on Thursday and Friday—during which he apologized for being “an a*shole” and promised, “It’s a clean me now, people”—Mayer managed to pull right back into Sleazebag Junction while partying away at La Esquina. An eyewitness squeals:

“He was drinking and saying vulgar things to the girls at the bar,” says a spy. “He was hitting on one pretty brunette in particular, but she found him slimy because he was being so over-the-top…She thought he was being really disrespectful. She definitely didn’t go home with that sleaze.”

Legendary ladies’ man John Mayer, actually spending the night alone? Shocking! On the plus side, hopefully he used the down time to contemplate taking a vow of silence.

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