Mini Lady GaGa Is Here to Make Your Skin Crawl (VIDEO)

Are you ready to get creeped out? Not just mildly creeped out, but “That whole JonBenet Ramsey thing really doesn’t seem so bad in comparison” creeped out?

Then feast your eyes on nine-year-old Laura Fontana, who will henceforth forever be known throughout a very dark corner of the Internet as “Mini Lady GaGa.” Fontana recently appeared on the Brazilian talent show Qual é o seu Talento to wow everyone with her Lady Gaga impression—black lipstick, pantlessness, stripper moves and all. Amazingly, instead of immediately throwing Laura’s mother in jail and taking the child into protective custody, they actually applauded Fontana for her efforts. Apparently they do things differently in Brazil.

You just know that Noah Cyrus is taking notes right now. Or maybe she’s preparing to give some notes. It’s also a pretty safe bet that To Catch a Predator’s Chris Hansen is fashioning a noose for himself out of an electrical cord right now.

Check the video below. We’ll be sure to pass the eye bleach, if there’s any left after we’re done with it:

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