Robert Pattinson Will Soon Be Available for Stalking in Wax Form

Good news, Twilight obsessives; soon Robert Pattinson will be available for your ogling anytime you you want, for your convenience! Sort of.

Famed wax museum Madame Tussauds is currently crafting not one, but two wax figures of the New Moon hunk, which will be displayed in the New York and London branches of the museum starting on March 25. And unlike the crude R-Pattz wax figurine you crafted from melted candles and keep in a shrine in your bedroom, these will be topnotch; according to the museum, artists are “studying hundreds of photos and poring through hours of video to ensure that they capture R.Pattz’s trademark sultry expression and inimitable style.”

No word on whether the figures will also include two wax security guards to prop R-Pattz up when he gets a little too heavy into the celebratory mood. But perhaps the bigger question is, with R-Pattz being so hot and all, how will they keep the wax from melting?

Be honest now; would you make a special trip to check out the Robert Pattinson wax figure? Go ahead and share your confessions in the comments section.