5 Things Lady Gaga’s New Video Might Be About

We can’t take it anymore! We want the new Lady GaGa “Telephone” video, now!! But if we must wait till Monday, we guess we will. Our favorite Fashionista just tweeted this sneak peak from the video through her Twitter account with the caption “RING RING its coming little monsters,” and it got us thinking. First of all, is she eating anymore? And second, just what is this video even about?

Here are some of our ideas for the video:

1. A crime scene involving monsters that stole GaGa’s million dollar teacup.

2. Trying to get her new pilot picked up. CSI: GaGa.

3. Going to an anything but clothes party at Coco’s house.

4. They spent so much money for the video that they couldn’t afford censor blocks for her nude scenes.

5. Protesting Megan Fox’s sanctimonious view on sex.

We want to know what you guys think the “Telephone” vid is about!! Share your most creative ideas below.