BUZZINGS: This Just In—Daniel Radcliffe Is Still Not Gay!

  • For the millionth time, Daniel Radcliffe comes out as straight. Maybe so, but our Harry Potter fan-fiction still says differently…. (Starpulse)
  • Sarah Palin is pitching a reality series, in a presumed plot to infiltrate the Hollywood elite and bring vital information back to her evil overlords. (PopEater)
  • Dave Navarro strips down for PETA, because nothing demonstrates the plight of vulnerable, furry creatures like a solid visual aid. (DListed)
  • Lindsay Lohan is also stripping down for the camera, because…well, it’s Thursday, and that’s probably her normal routine. (Huffington Post)
  • Charlie Sheen and his wife supposedly engaged in crack-fueled threesomes. Which is pretty much the Hollywood equivalent of a fondue party. (Bossip)