‘Playgirl’ Offers Jon Gosselin a Spread, Apparently Wanting Us To Burn Their Magazine To the Ground

Break out the smelling salts, ladies; your fantasies are dangerously close to coming true! Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin has been offered a chance to pose in Playgirl, and given his currently limited career options, is there any chance in the world that he won’t take them up on it? According to Playgirl spokesperson Daniel Nardicio,

“I said if he’s interested, let’s do it. I said maybe $20,000, maybe for the novelty factor. No offense, but I don’t think [Jon’s] that attractive. People aren’t going to be like, ‘Ooh, it’s going to be a hot shoot.'”

Speak for yourself, mister.

Twenty grand isn’t exactly Levi Johnston money, but given Gosselin’s reportedly modest endowment, it still wouldn’t be a bad haul. Especially given that Playgirl would probably have to shell out for an extra page in the centerfold to accommodate that gut of his.

But onto the real question: Would you take a peek, if not just out of morbid curiosity? Be honest now, and tell us in the comments section.