Stephanie Pratt Struggles With Walking and Having Her Picture Taken at the Same Time (PHOTOS)

Being a reality-TV sensation is not without its occupational hazards. Take Stephanie Pratt, for instance. (Please, somebody take Stephanie Pratt).

The Hills enchantress was going about her fabulous business in Beverly Hills on Wednesday night, emerging from a glorious meal at Mr Chow, when disaster nearly struck and Pratt came very close to tripping on the curb and taking a header onto the pavement. Which is completely understandable, when you’re teetering around on heels, and the constant blinding glare of the paparazzi’s flashbulbs are assaulting your retinas and, while the possibility is certainly remote, who knows, maybe you had a glass of wine or two to accompany your meal.

Fortunately, Pratt managed to steady herself just in time. Too bad the Olympics just wrapped up, because that kind of grace could definitely have earned her a gold medal.

Click through the photo gallery to relive Steph’s brush with tragedy.