Kate Gosselin Is Ready To Be Taken Seriously, For Real This Time, Come On You Guys (PHOTOS)

Since Kate Gosselin announced earlier this week that she would be on this season of Dancing With The Stars, we’ve noticed a change in her. Well there’s obviously the skinnier figure, the super-blonde hair, and the intense makeup. Maybe some teeth whitening. But something else is different. Oh yeah, she’s finally stopped talking about Jon! Thanks for that, Kate.

Also, it looks like her children are being very well taken care of. Because if she’s away from them, they’re in better hands. Just being honest, y’all.

Anyways, the glammed-out mom had a busy day in NYC yesterday. After some intense dance rehearsals, she got all decked out to attend events with dance partner Tony Dovaloni. Hot couple alert? We think so!

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