Alexander Skarsgard Doesn't Need Color to Seduce You Over the Internet (PHOTOS)

Let's lay it out in black and white: Alexander Skarsgard is one sexy, sexy beast.

The True Blood stud recently sat down for an interview and photo-spread for Los Angeles Times Magazine and, while we're sure many interesting things poured out of his pretty mouth in the Q&A, we'd prefer to focus on the stunning pictures by Chad Pitman for the time being. And we invite you to do the same by clicking through our luscious photo gallery.



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  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    Amazing eyes!!

  • erika molnár
    erika molnár

    end less love

  • Annette

    my underpants are wet! I think I better take a COLD shower

  • dawnzo

    OMG!!! He is sooo smoking hot!!!

  • Kimm

    Woe Baby!!

  • Ace

    Mustache Rides? Please?

  • Kailyn Davillier
    Kailyn Davillier

    my husband

  • alfie

    yep. I'm seduced..