Adam Lambert Lays Some "Voodoo" on Us, Enchants Us With His Studded Codpiece (VIDEO)

Adam Lambert Lays Some

Rejoice, Adam Lambert fans, for we're about to throw a whole lotta Lambo at you.

Earlier this week, the American Idol fave unleashed a new-to-America tune, "Voodoo," which had previously only been available on international versions of Lambert's debut album For Your Entertainment. The track, which will appear on Adam's upcoming "Whataya Want From Me" and "For Your Entertainment" Remix EP, was co-written with Australian musician/producer Sam Sparro. Check it out below:

In other Lambert news, Adam helped close out Sydney, Australia's Mardi Gras celebration on Friday and, as one might expect when one combines the words "Adam Lambert" and "Mardi Gras," it was quite the spectacle indeed. Watch Adam rock the crowd Down Under with a rollicking version of "For Your Entertainment" and his eye-catching, rhinestone-studded codpiece below:

Whew; good thing he didn't attempt any crotch-in-face maneuvers this time; he really could've hurt somebody with that thing.



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  • sheba

    Very sexy on stage. Adam Know how to rock a song and live us wanting MORE! Voodoo is very sexy. Like Adam said: it's a song for the bedroom. I sooo agree. That how I felt the first time I heared it.

  • Anasatsia

    Adam is the sexiest man alive. How could 'People' magazine deny him his rightful title after witnessing his epicness!

  • Mistress Darkness
    Mistress Darkness

    Now that is one hot piece of arse!! Adam come to mistress darkness and I'll show you things you could only imagine. The things I could do to you.

  • suprnatrulcat

    I loved Adam's costume and it didn't look gay to me. How is Adam's costume any different than what the group KISS wears, except that Adam's wears his better.

  • Sarah Lee
    Sarah Lee

    Can Adam be gayer than that outfit he wore at Mardi Gras Celebration in Australia? LOL, WOW, look at his codpiece, I douldn't get my eyes off them, so is his tight ASS. Adam has some Serious Codpiece on Hand LOL. As usual Adam is AMAZING..thou he can barely walk with his heavy metal boots + metallic codpiece and shoulder armor not only that a HUGE Zipper hanging out his outfit on his back. Talking about METALIC dude here..lmao. I still support Adam regardless cuz of his talents, and he is handsome :)

  • anne

    love the Voodoo song...and gosh, when he sings that super high note I get chills all over my body...Adam places me in a trance with that song!!!

  • James

    AND his outfit and performance was tame considering the venue lol. Kelly Rowland was gorgeous, George Michael only performefed half a song...

  • Adam4Ever

    Voodoo is silky, and sexy. Love it. Adam Lambert performed his For Your Entertainment single in an outfit that was sexy and complimenting in every way. He finally got to do that song justice! You rock Adam!

  • Melanie

    This song ENTHRALS me...I love it.

  • Deb

    So hot out the box!!!!!!!! Killer voice and insanely sexy!

  • Anda Ziemele
    Anda Ziemele

    he has a good voice, though. veeery good.

  • gothichick

    The preformace was just f*cking amazingly sexy, great c*ck piece to, lol, my friend will love this video

  • ianaleah

    Adam is exotic, his glam rock outfit is erotic, his 'Voodoo' song is fantastic-it's all good. Magnificent singer/entertainer, totally smokin hot and a sweetie besides. No wonder I love him.

  • ellie

    he is hot hot hot! and the singings not bad either;-)

  • tatts09

    i know what i'm about to write is wrong on so many levels but..................i so wanna do him,make up and all...he's just too sexy.

  • Lana

    Dayum he is sooooo sexy. And Voodoo is incredible!

  • JLM

    Great song! Very sexy and beautiful voice. Looks like Adam had fun down under too!!