Sandra Bullock: Bad Actress, Good Sport (VIDEO)

Say what you want about Sandra Bullock; she definitely has a sense of humor about the criticism that’s thrown her way.

The Speed thesp, who picked up Worst Actress and Worst Screen Couple dishonors for her work with Bradley Cooper in All About Steve at the Golden Raspberry Awards on Saturday night, showed up to accept her Razzies in person—and did so in grand style.

Carting a wagon full of All About Steve DVDs onto the stage, Bullock cracked,

“I thought no one went to see this film, but I know that there are more than 700 members here. That means that the majority of the 700 cast their vote, so that means 352 …?”

Bullock then noted,

“I brought the shooting script. I’m willing to go through page by page, read the line the way I did it in the film and, if anyone wants to give me a line read of how I could’ve done it better…. We can do this till about 4 o’clock in the morning. Or you guys can just watch the movie and rethink your decision, and I’ll show up next year and we can go out for a drink afterward.”

Of course, Bullock can afford to have a laugh at her own expense these days; Bullock is up for her first-ever Oscar tonight, in the Best Actress category for The Blind Side.

Check out the video below for Sandra Bullock’s Razzies LOLs:

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