Taylor Momsen Says She’s Not Some Cookie-Cutter Disney Type, So There!

Oh, Taylor Momsen; will you ever tire of shocking us with your rebellious ways?

The Gossip Girl actress-turned-rocker recently granted an interview to News of the World, and in the process made it really, really known that she doesn’t want to be lumped in with the Mileys and the Selenas of the world. According to the oft-lingerie-clad, ciggie-puffing 16-year-old:

“I’m not some cute girl that’s been stamped out of a Disney studio and I’m proud of that. Some people like me for it, others hate it. I’m used to that. I’ve had it all my life.”

Don’t worry, T-Mom; something tells us that you won’t be confused for a House of Mouse creation anytime soon. Though, truth be told, some of those Disney princesses seem awfully intent on picking up on your fashion cues.

Momsen also goes on to assert that she’s always been a renegade, like practically out of the womb, and she paid a price early on for it in the form of bullying and ostracism:

“I didn’t have a great childhood. I loved my family, I loved my work but I hated school. I had a really bad time. Other kids didn’t like me. I didn’t fit in…I was made fun of all the time—the other kids used to taunt me religiously. I never had a best friend…I really wanted a friend but it just never happened. I didn’t get talked to or invited anywhere. I never got hit or anything like that. It was much more snidey and personal.”

Poor girl; no wonder she always looks like her face would shatter into a million pieces if she dared to crack a smile.