The 2010 Academy Awards: Live Coverage!

8:58 PM: Ohhhh, snap! The Hurt Locker takes Best Picture too! Cameron’s gonna need a tissue and a hug…

8:53 PM: Kathryn Bigelow wins Best Director. In your face, James Cameron!

8:50 PM: Sandra Bullock wins Best Leading Actress for The Blind Side. Somehow, presenter Sean Penn manages not to punch her out as she approaches the stage.

8:43 PM: They really are trying to kill us with these multiple pre-presenters, aren’t they?

8:31 PM: Jeff Bridges wins Best Leading Actor for Crazy Heart. Also wins Actor Most Likely to Be Confused With Kris Kristofferson. His beard really brings the room together.

8:16 PM: The Secret in Their Eyes wins Best Foreign-Language Film. Hey, remember 1996, back when this awards ceremony began? Good times.

8:07 PM: Best Film Editing goes to The Hurt Locker. Next up: Keanu Reeves’ beard wins Best Tribble Imitation.

8:02 PM: The Cove wins Best Movie That Nobody’s Ever Seen. Oh wait, sorry, that’s Best Documentary Feature.

7:55 PM: Avatar takes away Best Visual Effects. But what about the team that keeps Bradley Cooper looking so outstanding?

7:47 PM: A dance tribute to the best movie scores. What, Mummenschanz wasn’t available?

7:41 PM: A tribute to dead celebs, and no Billy Mays or Captain Phil? For shame!

7:35 PM: Is Sandra Bullock’s lipstick courtesy of Ringling Bros.? Oh, BTW, Avatar won Best Cinematography.

7:24 PM: And the Best Sound Editing Award goes to The Hurt Locker. We almost didn’t hear it over the sound of how awesome Zac Efron’s hair is.

7:18 PM: Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner deliver a tribute to horror films. You can tell K-Stew is scared, because she’s biting her lip.

7:10 PM: The Young Victoria scores Best Costume Design. Getting…very…sleepy…

7:07 PM: Avatar wins Best Art Direction. Ooh, bet Kathryn Bigelow is peeved!

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6:59 PM: Mo’Nique wins Best Supporting Actress for Precious. But has she met Bic Lady yet?

6:56 PM: Who experienced red-carpet FAIL this year? Click through our gallery to see this year’s Oscars fashion snoozers!

6:50 PM: Best Adapted Screenplay goes to Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Sapphire. Is anybody surprised? The name of the book is right in the title of the movie, people!

6:41 PM: Ben Stiller: Sexy Na’vi, or sexiest Na’vi? BTW, Star Trek wins Best Makeup, because pointy ears are teh hawtness.

6:36 PM: The New Tenants takes away Best Live Action Short Film. Whoa, who saw that coming?

6:34 PM: Music by Prudence wins Best Documentary Short Subject. Upset of the year!

6:31 PM: Logorama wins Best Animated Short Film, because you can never emphasize product placement enough. Also, “applause” is a verb now. Who knew?

6:21 PM: If this John Hughes tribute proves one thing, it’s that there was actually a time when Matthew Broderick didn’t look like he wanted to hang himself.

6:16 PM: Best Screenplay goes to The Hurt Locker. Fun fact: It was originally written as a musical.

6:10 PM: Hey, y’all; miss the red-carpet pageantry of this year’s Oscars? Check out our photo gallery of Academy Awards arrivals.

6:05 PM: Best Original Song goes to “The Weary Kind” from Crazy Heart. And there go our hopes for a Randy Newman/Miley Cyrus meet-up.

5:59 PM: Up wins Best Animated Movie. Never underestimate the sex appeal of Ed Asner.

5:56 PM: Way to know who you’re standing next to, Cameron Diaz.

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5:47 PM: Christoph Waltz takes Best Supporting Actor for Inglourious Basterds. Also takes  away Most Meticulous Facial Hair honors.

5:42 PM: Jew jokes, Steve Martin? Really?

5:32 PM: Is this the first Academy Awards opening song with a prison-sex joke?

5:30 PM: Okay, showtime! Let the games begin!

5:25 PM: Can someone explain why Taylor Lautner’s tux doesn’t have a cutaway section to showcase his abs?

5:16 PM: 14 minutes till showtime. Before the games begin, make sure to check out our gallery of Oscars red-carpet arrivals.

5:08 PM: Standing in for Zac Efron tonight—Zac Efron’s Madame Tussauds wax figure.

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4:40 PM: Gabourey Sidibe just compared her Oscars dress to an onscreen ejaculation. Awesome.

4:34 PM: Jennifer Lopez is totally gonna knock someone over with that dress. Hope her insurance is paid up.

4:26 PM: George Clooney was apparently too busy making love to his new girlfriend to get a haircut for the Oscars. Or is he prepping for a starring role in Mullets and Blue Jeans: The Billy Ray Cyrus Story?

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4:13 PM: Did Miley Cyrus just admit that she’s dating Liam Hemsworth? It’s an Oscars miracle! PS: What’s up with her posture?

4:09 PM: Make sure to check out our gallery of red-carpet arrivals from this year’s Oscars.

4:03 PM: Amanda Seyfried is having a really hard time masking how glad she is to be done with Big Love on the red carpet.

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