WTF 2010 Oscar Moments

While the 2010 Academy Awards brought us many memorable moments, both triumphant and sorrow-filled, there were a few sights and sounds that simply left us wondering "WTF was that?"

Visit our gallery of WTF 2010 Oscar Moments and see if you agree with our selection of ten moments that left us with our jaws open during tonight's award ceremony.



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  • Zokariel

    Facial Hair: You obviously have not been around a lot of different men who grow beards! In some families, people do not have a lot of body or facial hair (my own for example). K Reeves is part hawaiian-chinese and many asians do not have a lot of body (or facial) hair. So, when they grow beards (this can happen in any ethnicity), there can be sparse areas. I have seen it many times (having six brothers and dating men from families with a lot of brothers in the Midwest where Everyone grows a beard during deer hunting season. Colorado men in winter too!! Where have you been in winter?? (Actually, I found it quite fetching!! I wish I could have seen the cuff links close up!! I love sapphires and think his taste in his ensemble was quite excellent!! I was really happy to see some straight leg trousers and pointed shoes. I thought the outfit very befitting of the evening!! Jeff Bridges' beard looked as if he just walked out of the Kentucky Hills. I have met folks gathering possums from that area!! You just don't get out much, do you?? Aloha!!

  • jagiyaaa

    it would be totally awesome,cool and fantastic if ROB presented with kristen rather than with Taylor. It's just that ROB and Kristen has a great chemistry. on screen, off screen, whenever, wherever!

  • mikee,

    who cares, hes a badass

  • Rita

    I agree, he WAS NOT playing along because it wasn't just during the Alec Baldwin segment - he was acting sullen and stand-offish the entire show. Came off as really silly and idiotic.

  • Susan

    Kristen looked gorgeous and happy, Taylor was a gentleman. Ratings were up 14% from last year, so people still watched even without Rob, although it would have been nice if Rob and Kristen were able to present together.

  • grace

    agree...Talented, handsome and awesome Mr.Pattinson to the Oscars..he deserves it

  • Lena

    heh It was an ok movie. Nothing spectacular. To win an oscar? Totally political.

  • Lena

    He looked pretty idiotic

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    I'm in Iraq, oh, no, bombs everywhere and I'm popping and locking and dancing and moving.... :D:D:D:DD:D:D

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    Twilight and Kristen doesn't even deserve to be at Oscar, cause the movie is BAD !!! and she can't play !!!

  • We want Mr. Pattinson!
    We want Mr. Pattinson!

    NO Robert Pattinson lament - but Oscars producer said he was invited, also he was in USA till 2 March (promoting 'Remember Me' movie for Summit studio and Summit's other movie won many Oscars), and his colleagues were attending Oscar, etc. why couldn't he get excused from filming 'Bel Ami' till 7 March... (did UK directors Donnellan&Ormerod, producers Uberto Pasolini&Simon Fuller know he was supposed to participate!? or Summit ...) oh oh oh

  • helen14

    are you crazy or blind??? these two were boring and really bad ...where is Robert Pattinson? he is the only person who makes us smile and is enjoyable to watch... he's intelligent and charming, stylish and handsome...only Robert to the Oscars next year

  • Ilovemovie

    Love love love Kristen and Taylor look so amazing for the first time Oscars presenters.

  • amanda

    Kristen looks amazing. She did the dress justice. For the 1st at the Oscars and 1st presenter, Kristen did an excellent job. Who isn't nervous at the Oscars. Did you see Alex Badwin was so nervous when he's just come out? And Amanda Seyfield threw her tongue out and slouch her shoulder for some reason I don't understand. And a lot of adult award winner are so nervous that their speeches are so incoherent. But that's the memories and the spirit of Oscars, not a robot show.

  • kim

    I love Kristen. She looks absolutely stunning at the Oscars. The girl is just being herself. Her shyness makes her very related and super cute. She never pretends to be fit into the Hollywood scene, but always try to make it as a part of her job. What a personality this girl has! Very authentic and I love her.

  • skink

    Why is she touching his boob? Because they're bigger than hers.

  • jay

    Theres no Oscars without Rob so this sucked. Both Taylor and Kristen are annoying. Well Taylor is more acceptable but Kristen is just a disapointment

  • DBF223

    Are you daft? It's not a WTF moment - Rob is busy filming "Bel Ami" in London. He only got a few very precious days off filming to go to NY to promote "Remember Me" during it's premiere.

  • sole

    Without Robert Pattinson I didn´t watch the Oscars! No way!

  • Oscars

    Awkward & stiff were definately the key words for last night.

  • R&K Fan!!
    R&K Fan!!

    Kristen was great!! wish Rob was there though!! They had to bring the pupp!! Hopefully Rob next year!!!

  • Charles Blackshire
    Charles Blackshire

    The WTF moment (for me) was more about the fact that there was no Best Song showcase this year.

  • Charles Blackshire
    Charles Blackshire

    Win or lose, she has a right to look nice!

  • Charles Blackshire
    Charles Blackshire

    I'm surprised she's still with him since the last time Cameron was at the Oscars.

  • Charles Blackshire
    Charles Blackshire

    Hey! It's the Senior Breakfast Club! (What, no Emilio Estevez?)

  • grace

    as for Zac...can he be more creative ...only Robert rocks this hair...on Zac it looks stupid and not good-looking....advice for Zac: stop copying Robert Pattinson, make up something new

  • grace

    agree...give us Rob!!! i didn't watch this show without Robert Pattinson... who cares about muscular guy and his lady?!!!! only Robert...i'm sure Rob will win the Oscars one day ...

  • ell

    Taylor looks like a waiter. I don't know why because he's a tux but he always looks like a waiter. Idgi. Kristen looked gorgeous.

  • beth

    ithink brandon barash looked great last nightlove beth

  • kim

    he looked amazing he is so sexy he was amazing he always looks amazing, loved him in the tux whoo keanu u wow

  • Gelseyk

    I hardly recognized Molly Ringworm

  • gelseyk

    I dont get it. For someone who basically talks for a living, she could hardly get a word out. I get nervous for her when shes in public speaking situations!

  • Julie

    I disagree. It wasn't just playing along with the joke. He was pissed off or unhappy the enitre show. Not the George we are used to seeing.

  • Mar

    Per Oscar rules, only one person was allowed to speak if their team won. It was probably to help with the running time of the show. Strategy didn't work, but it's the Oscar's afterall.

  • Kristen

    George Clooney was just pretending to be pissed at what the hosts said. He was adding to the bit. Did viewers ACTUALLY think he was upset? He's a super sarcastic guy on the red carpet, but its all for comedic effect.

  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively

    lyk really,i lyk Zac buh y wld he steal Robs hair..nd d most annoyin part is dat he touched it d way Rob does...ugghh.missed Rob..

  • gen

    Haha, Kathryn Bigelow is like 20x more beautiful than his current wife.

  • gen

    It was a joke. Probably planned. Sometimes I think writers of these blogs are just the most incredibly stupid and humorless people ever...

  • gen

    She looked beautiful, but my goodness is that girl awkward...

  • Stef

    I have to agree how can anyone think he wasn't in on it he is the biggest prankster in Hollywood!!

  • lully

    kristen was stunning!!.. dress was really beautiful, in my opinion best dress on red carpet!!!!.. obviously she was nervous.. anyway u're the one kristen, we're really proud of you

  • Eb

    I thought it was pretty obvious that he was playing along with the gag. Come on, wise up.

  • bellabells68

    Kristen and Taylor were great tonight.

  • obsessedcullendisorder

    RPattz in London?

  • sophie1986

    Why is she touching his boob?

  • bluemoon

    The WTF moment should be about his wife!!! OMG! That is NOT healthy at all. She needs to put on weight...STAT!!

  • dollyfor

    Wow, she REALLY has no personality does she? personality, who doesn't have one. idiot!

  • KristenRULES

    Kristen was great tonight

  • Jessica

    ..............He was responding to the joke, he wasnt being serious. Really, you didn't get that? Really????????

  • jessemosslover

    Wow, she REALLY has no personality does she?

  • jessemosslover

    Judd nelson looked like hell. Has he even taken a shower this year yet? yuck.

  • jessemosslover

    He looked pissed off the whole show.

  • bridge

    hahaha i know right, but he was out filming a movie in london :(

  • Guest

    George was playing along, it was part of the gag, so you need to lighten up because YOU didn't get the joke.