Adam Lambert Strips Down! No, Not Like That. (VIDEO)

Adam Lambert Strips Down! No, Not Like That. (VIDEO)-photo

What's better than Adam Lambert in all his full, bombastic glory? Adam Lambert taking it down a notch to deliver a heartfelt rendition of one of his hits.

The American Idol fave hit up Australian TV show Sunrise over the weekend and treated the crowd to an unplugged version of "Whataya Want From Me." And you could tell he was totally serious about keeping it real, too, because he left his studded codpiece at home.

Check out the performance below and share your thoughts in the comments section.



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  • sharon

    The made up look is fun for certain performances, but love his natural exquisitly beautiful face . Sometimes the heavy make-up detracts from his expressive interpetations and his glorius voice. His stripped versions are as mesmerising as the exciting rock ones. Love these videos THANKYOU1

  • Carol

    Just stunning!!!!!!!

  • indigo

    I am under Adams spell since Amarican idol, I thought It will die down eventually as any other idol facination before but I have not stopped looking up Adam news since last year and i dont see why,I am facinated and mesmerized by Adam,never felt this way about any artist before,only thing I can think of is that he is not ordinary human being,he is out of this world,his voice is spell bounding,his eyes are window to his soul and what a beautifull soul he is? He is one of a kind and I am fortunate to have experienced this,now I can say I have lived my life to the fullest,i have no other wish in life but listen to Adam Lambert, Love this man.

  • pink

    He looks so young & vunerable without the stage makeup and personna. I don't know which I prefer. I love, love, love the wild & crazy side. I love how it gets people all bent out of shape. I don't know why but I find that so amusing. I love seeing the conservatives foam at the mouth (I'm so I just can't help but find it amusing. The man is so talented and he is who he is and basically if you don't like it he'll be more than glad to flip you off. Lol!!

  • lou

    i can't explain the talent of this guy, he is incredible. i love this version of WWFM it sounded like adam was having a bit of a cold that made his voice better. what a talent.

  • Lon

    This stripped back look was amazing and it matched the amazing version of his song. Well done Adam.

  • Jet

    Stunning!! This dude is just mega talented

  • Melissa

    Wild or vulnerable, he's totally entralling and facinating. Maybe that's why he is so facinating - because he is able to change his stage persona with such ease. I'm always interested to see what he does next.

  • Josh

    I think part of my fascination with this guy is he always keeps me guessing. One night he has on this way over the top outfit complete with a spiked codpiece and in less than 24 hours he's singing his heart out with this stripped down version of his song. Say what you like but the guy puts on a hell of a show. A lot of performers out there simply show up in jeans and sneakers stand in the middle of the stage and sing. Boring!! I would never pay to see a 2 hour concert with that type of performer. I want to be entertained and Lambert entertains.

  • mel

    The fascination with Adam besides the stunning voice, is the excitement of how he is going to sing it this time around, and what he will be wearing, how will his hair look. You cannot miss a performance, too mesmerising and exciting.

  • adamnice

    amaaaaazing as usual. Adam is a great, fabulous singer. amazing voice and hope to see and hear more from ADAM. :-)

  • JaBa

    Wow. He looks really pretty. And his voice is amazing.

  • guest

    Adam continues to mesmerize us every time we see him in different ways and emotional levels. I was still under the influence of that mind blowing/raising hair performance that was Sleepwalker (Jay Leno). He immediately gave us an indulging/dazzling ”gay style” Mardi Gras performance of FYE and now he hits us with an acoustic version of WWFM. OMG !!!!!! Unbelievable voice. This time around he was insightful and put so much passion and honesty in this interpretation. Without makeup… I completely forgot Adam was in fact so young, so sweet and beautiful. WE ARE UNDER ADAM’S VOODOO SPELL! WE WANT MORE!