George Clooney Is Apparently a Surly Drinker (VIDEO)

The mystery of George Clooney’s mysteriously grumpy demeanor at last night’s Oscars may have been solved.

Since Sunday night, many have wondered why the Up in the Air actor seemed so cantankerous on Hollywood’s biggest night—and now, as it turns out, it might not have been because he knew he was going to lose out to Jeff Bridges in the Best Actor category.

Check out the red-carpet interview below, in which Clooney reveals his secret weapon as he enters the Kodak Theatre—a flask, tucked away in his tux’s inside pocket:

Clearly, at some point the booze turned on him, transforming Clooney from a shaggy-haired, red-carpet bon vivant into a slouched, mopey curmudgeon intent on burning a hole into co-host Alec Baldwin’s forehead with his Glare of Doom.

Either that, or he ran out of hooch before the opening skit even began, and  he was bummed out knowing he had 3 1/2 hours to go before he could knock another one back. Yeah, that’d put a frown on our faces too.