Kristin Chenoweth Is Really Trying To Land "Worf" Role in "Star Trek" Sequel (PHOTO)

Kristin Chenoweth Is Really Trying To Land

On your left: a recent photo of actress Kristin Chenoweth. On your right: Worf, son of Mogh, the first Klingon officer in Starfleet.

We're no casting experts, but we feel pretty confident in our assertion that Chenoweth has done the work and is now fully prepared to take on the role of Worf in JJ Abrams' heavily-anticipated Star Trek sequel.

Tell us in the comments: Do you support 'Chenoworf' for Star Trek 2?



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  • Mel

    Grow the hell up! She's a sweet woman who has more talent in her pinkie fingernail than you bunch of nasty hacks can ever hope to have.

  • Avery

    Aww! People suck. That's so mean. CHENO is the best. No freakin contest. I remember once on the Megan Mullally show they showed a clip from the movie, "Running with Scissors" where her vein was showing. "You don't need that vein, right? she said, "I can just cut that one out, right? haha, so cute!

  • Katie

    Oh, be nice. Meaghan is right ^. Plus, I have a nasty vein on my temple that throbs like an SOB when my fibromyalgia flares up. You don't have to tell me the extremes one is willing to go to for the sake of pain management. KRISTIN IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  • Meaghan

    Type your comment here.I think you guys should know the facts before you post. The veins are probably a result of her Botox. She has a disease called Miniere's Disease, which causes her to experience vertigo and migraine headaches. The Botox helps her to avoid these migraines. "The thing is I suffer from migraines. Flashing lights. It's not good for me, so I get three (Botox) shots right there (on my forehead). I was very nervous about it because I'm an actor and I have to move my face. But, without it, I would not be able to sing or perform." -Chenoweth Now, let's not poke fun at a disease, shall we?