BUZZINGS: Howard Stern Lays Some Heavy Criticism on Gabourey Sidibe

BUZZINGS: Howard Stern Lays Some Heavy Criticism on Gabourey Sidibe-photo
  • Howard Stern calls Gabourey Sidibe a really big star, and totally not in a good way. (Huffington Post)
  • Eddie Murphy has been spotted holding hands with a mystery, and possibly biological, woman. (Bossip)
  • Dina Lohan supports daughter Lindsay's $100 million lawsuit against E-Trade, just as long as she gets her 10 percent enabler's fee. (Starpulse)
  • Fox is canceling 24 after the current season. Finally, Jack Bauer can yell "There's no time!" with conviction. (Dlisted)
  • Co-stars Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler do a sexy photo-shoot for W, which will no doubt fuel rumors that they're a secret real-life couple, even though that totally wasn't their intention. Totally. (PopEater)


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  • michout

    i love gabbie the way ppl treat her isnt fair at all

  • christopher

    your an ass and that why u will never get anywhere in life because u think people like him are funny

  • noah

    Howard is only stating the truth (love the guy). This chick is HUGE. Like circus freak huge. She'll have diabetes in 2 years. Bet.

  • crystalhope

    TTLY agree, and it's a harsh truth, but Hollywood doesn't have celebrities with obesity. Can't remember even one! Every Hollywood producer wants skinny actress, that can play anyone and maybe put on some weight for the part if necessary and then loose it in 2 seconds to get another part. I also thought that this Nikki Blonsky from the Hairspray will be a huge star...haven't heard of her since the dvd release and that plane fight with some model. And Oscar has shown me the hypocrisy of the industry and the use of political correctness at the same time. So lame! Shame on you