Demi Moore Creates Family Tradition, Teaches Daughter Rumer to Pole-Dance

Some mothers pass on their recipes to their daughters. Others, a cherished piece of jewelry or a family quilt. But Demi Moore is a Hollywood mom, and that means one thing—if she’s going to bestow anything to her daughter, it’s going to be her stripper skills.

Life & Style Weekly reports that Moore, who honed her peeler tricks for the 1996 masterpiece Striptease, decided to show her 21-year-old daughter Rumer Willis a thing or two during a party at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont on February 27. While show-biz types like Leonardo DiCaprio and Rumer’s stepdad Ashton Kutcher looked on admiringly. According to an eyewitness who really has seen too much:

“There was a pole at the bash, and Demi thought it would be fun to show everyone she still has what it takes. Demi even spun around the pole upside down. It was incredible.”

After putting on her clinic, Moore then urged Rumer to find out what it’s like to feel like a woman who gets grubby dollar bills stuffed into her g-string by sweaty-palmed perverts for a living:

“It was strange, but Demi encouraged Rumer to join her. Everyone was cheering, and Leo gave Ashton a high-five. Ashton put his arms around both Demi and Rumer and looked like the proudest man in the room.”

Which is really not creepy in the least, when you think about it. After all, do you want your kids to learn about pole-dancing from their friends on the streets, or from a parent they can trust? See, people, that’s responsible parenting, show business-style.