Howard Stern Crowns The Queen Of Tiger Woods' Mistresses In Classiest Bikini Pageant Ever (PHOTOS)

Howard Stern Crowns The Queen Of Tiger Woods' Mistresses In Classiest Bikini Pageant Ever (PHOTOS)-photo

Never one to let a sex scandal go stale, Howard Stern held a beauty pageant for Tiger Woods' mistresses on his show today and crowned one lucky lass The Queen of the Mistresses.

Jamie Jungers, a "blackjack dealer/model" won the classy title of Miss Woman-Willing-To-Sleep-With-Any-Famous-Married-Man-For-A-Chance-To-Go-On-The-Today-Show and walked away with the $75,000 cash prize.

Surprisingly, only two other attention-hungry mistresses competed in the pageant (Jaime Grubbs and Loredana Jolie) which mostly consisted of getting the three women to gossip about what Tiger is like in bed. The women revealed that Tiger is well-endowed, doesn't wear condoms and, apparently, "bigger and better" than Michael Jordan, with whom one of the mistresses had previously slept with.

After the pageant Jungers went to go spend her fabulous cash prize on peroxide and Valtrex (or whatever) and the two pageant losers slithered off to their caves in the corner of Hyde, where they plotted their next male celebrity sexual partner.

Don't worry, girls: you're all Queens of the Attention-Whoring to us!

Update: You can see video of the pageant on the Howard TV Facebook page (you have to login to Facebook in order to watch).



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  • noah

    I love how the segment producer, Will Murray, is dressed up like a golfer. I bet it really made these ladies feel at home.


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