Taylor Momsen Will Show Everyone How Cool Smoking Is Whether We Like It Or Not

Taylor Momsen Will Show Everyone How Cool Smoking Is Whether We Like It Or Not-photo

Man, the Surgeon General is not gonna be happy with Taylor Momsen. The 16-year-old Gossip Girl hellion has taken a lot of heat for her cigarette habit because a) well, she's 16 and b) a lot of kids even younger than her look up to her. But as far as Momsen is concerned, it's, like, totally not her concern if her fans take after her and pick up her nasty and potentially lethal habit—and anyone who doesn't agree can put that in their pipe and smoke it. The actress/rocker recently took time out between puffs to explain to Parade magazine,

"I smoke, so what? Why do people give a sh*t what a 16-year-old girl who they've never met does? It's not like I'm sitting there going, 'Kids, you should go buy a pack of cigarettes.' When I walk outside with a cigarette and someone takes a picture of it and puts it on the Internet, its not my problem. I'm just living my life and I'm not gonna live my life for other people."

Great, Taylor—it's your life, and you live it as you see fit—even if the way you see fit might shorten that life considerably. 

Besides, there is one benefit to Momsen's tobacco habit: As long as she has a cigarette in her mouth, it's  much less likely that she's talking. Or singing.



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  • Kate

    i don't even see why it matters that she smokes. i am totally on taylor's side for this.

  • K

    So the media blames her for sending a wrong message to kids when in reality those kids wouldn't even know she smoked if it wasn't for them? Hypocrites but hey we're all supporting them right now and sending the blame to another.

  • B-Rittttt

    f*ck yeah Taylor. We could be BFF's. Deff. ahahah

  • tcheriset

    It's not so much that she smokes (although I do find that really inappropriate for a girl her age, but whatever) but her stinking attitude! She sounds like someone who refuses to take responsibility for anything. And she definitely looks like she's trying way too hard to seem like a rebellious "cool" teen or whatever.

  • Naomi

    she smokes, who cares? I mean, I don't like smoking and I DON'T smoke, but if she wants to, let her. it's none of our business if she smokes or not. we can't tell her to stop smoking or something. this country is crazy....smh.

  • Mjx

    I don't think she's sicker, nastier, or more irresponsible than most teenagers who don't have much happening upstairs. She's annoying (again, about as much as the aforementioned class of teenagers... which is quite a lot), but owing to her visibility, she can manage to annoy and maybe (but only maybe) influence more kids. But you know what? This isn't going to last long; she has little talent, and no charm, and isn't working on either. Cigarettes and partying take that fresh, youthful look away in a hurry, which means her only marketable assets will be gone in a couple of years. So, rather than be annoyed, sit back, pay little attention to this delusional kid, and prepare for some serious Momsen-related schadenfreude, two or three years down the road. That, or a complete turnaround.

  • Gita Margaretha
    Gita Margaretha

    she's sick and nasty, she's blinded by her fame

  • snowwhitesoprano

    Although she may think that she can be treated the same way as other sixteen year olds, she can't. She's in the spotlight and is a role model to girls, no matter what rating her tv show is or what station it's on. It's incredibly immature of her to disregard her responsibility.

  • erica

    maybe she shouldnt have gone into "the business" if she thinks like that.

  • jen

    Who the fk raised this bitch??? I hope their fkn proud

  • rsac3

    i hate miley like so bad, but she looks like an angel in front of this bitch... she's sick, i hope her parents are very proud of this little trampass bitch they have created

  • roeschs3

    what...a disaster. lol

  • sophie1986

    How much longer is her mid-life crisis going to last because it's really starting to tick me off!

  • IrelandCB

    She reminds me so much of a girl in my class. When she was 13 she was this lovely girl with long natural really light blonde hair, never wore make up,loved horses and her parents, lived out in the country so didnt have many friends and was concerned for enviroment. She of course got picked on and now shes fifteen and looks exactly like Taylor in that picture, she makes out with 19 guys every disco(well everyone is always making out with guys at our discos but usually only like like five!) and she had s*x with a randomer in the club bathroom. she dumped all her old friends and got new whores as her friends, dosent speak to her parents. smokes and it is sad. I really hope Taylor gets a grip on reality soon and realises she is not invincible...