Teri Hatcher’s Socks Are Pedicure-Ready (PHOTOS)

Say what you want about Teri Hatcher—when it comes to her grooming regimen, she’s exceptionally well-prepared.

The Desperate Housewives actress hit up a nail salon in Studio City on Tuesday and, because it was unseasonably cold in Southern California yesterday—it may have even dipped below 60, people!—Hatcher wore her special pedicure socks, which we’re just gonna go ahead and assume that Marcia Cross knitted for Teri and gave to her on her last birthday.

A little silly-looking? Perhaps; but they’re oh-so-practical. And they’re not nearly a goofy-looking as some of the get-ups that Hatcher has donned.

Click through the photo gallery to see more of Teri’s innovative fashion sense.