New Sober Jersey Shore Cast In Danger of Jumping The Shots?

You know how some things make sense? Like Kim Kardashian shopping everyday? Or Jon Gosselin having small junk? Well, that’s how it goes for the cast of Jersey Shore and being drunk 24-7. Or that’s how it used to be!

Apparently, the head honchos over at MTV have layed down the law until filming on the highly-anticipated Season 2 begins next week. Fox 411 is reporting that at a Boston appearance over the weekend, the ultra-curvy JWoWW stayed away from getting crazy because “MTV doesn’t want [the cast] to drink.”

And as we know, the network has also banned Snooki, The Situation, and the rest of ‘em from doing too many promotional appearance.

“She also said that even though MTV is only allowing one appearance per week, she is booking some stuff ‘under the radar’ and has seven appearances next week. North Carolina, Florida, Buffalo and Cancun were a few of the places she mentioned,” snitched an insider

Let us know in the comments section: Would you stil want to party with the cast of Jersey Shore if they were sober? Or do you think their charming personalities stand on their own?