BUZZINGS: Madonna Chimes in on ‘The Marriage Ref’ in an Effort to Hop on That Whole Irony Bandwagon

  • Madonna dispenses matrimonial advice on The Marriage Ref, which is roughly akin to Amy Winehouse doling out tips on sobriety. While downing shots of liquid heroin. (PopEater)
  • Jay-Z is taking his efforts to prove that he’s a groundbreaking artist way too literally. (Bossip)
  • Is Katherine Heigl leaving Grey’s Anatomy for good? Can the universe survive this kind of shake-up? Has anybody seen our pants? (Parade)
  • Jennifer Aniston denies rumors that she’s faking a relationship with co-star Gerard Butler to promote their new movie, and has no idea where such a silly notion may have come from. (Starpulse)
  • Happy 31st birthday, Pete Doherty! You don’t look a day over dead. (Dlisted)