JWoWW One Step Closer To Putting Ed Hardy Out of Guido Business

You may have already known that everyone’s favorite ham-eating guidette, JWoWW, is creating a clothing line, but did you know that it will include 50 handpicked-by-JWoWW-at-Joann’s fabrics?

It’s true: new details of JWoWW’s clothing line are emerging and if the clothes are anything like the yellow scrap of fabric she used to drape around her nipples while on Jersey Shore (still for sale on her website, so stop asking me where I got mine) the clothes are sure to flatter silicone-enhanced ladies. The line will include “15 shirts, 4 pairs of jeans, 6 dresses, hoodies, 2 corsets, a pair of blazers, jewelry and purses.” Everything a fashion-forward girl needs.

And don’t feel left out dudes: JWoWW is also creating a menswear line created for the GTL-living juicehead. The guido-focused selection will include jeans, blazers and shirts (presumably adorned with sparkly glitter-dragons).

Both of the lines will be appearing in the fall, no doubt premiering with a classy défilé in Paris’ esteemed Tuileries Gardens (or maybe just a fashion show with her orange-skinned Jersey Shore cast mates at some basement club in Long Island). Either way, we’re sure that all the guidos and guidettes in the Tri-State area are looking forward to it.

Christian Audigier: you’ve been warned.