Katherine Heigl Leaves Grey's Anatomy, Is Finally Free To Alienate Herself Elsewhere

Katherine Heigl Leaves Grey's Anatomy, Is Finally Free To Alienate Herself Elsewhere-photo

If Katherine Heigl fans existed we are sure they would be sad to hear that the eternally crabby actress is (finally) leaving Grey's Anatomy.

Or rather, she has already left! Apparently, Heigl's final episode as Dr. Izzie has already aired. Heigl took some time off from Grey's earlier in the season to film a movie but when time came for her to return to the set, both ABC and Heigl decided it was best that she not return.

After years of speculation that Heigl would be leaving the show to peruse her fabulous movie star career that mostly revolved around her starring in cheesy chick flicks and saying regrettable things in magazine interviews, it is funny that she won't be given a big, dramatic send-off for her final episode. Viewers were begging for a climatic ending to Heigl's character but were only teased with Dr. Izzie's bout of cancer. (Or, at least that is what people tell us--like most people who are under the age of 80, we don't watch the show.)

Considering that Heigl never turned down the chance to insult the show's cast and crew, we're sure the Grey's set is full of mourning for the loss of their shining star.



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  • Karyn

    Plenty of Katherine Heigl fans exist and we are fed up with reading ridiculous articles like this which are just hateful and unfair. Heigl never insulted the show - not once - her only comment that could even be construed as negative was her withdrawal from the Emmys. However, the writing for her character that season was very poor. She was 100% right in her decision and it was hypocritical that all the critics who had said the same thing suddenly took offence when she agreed with them. You make it sound like she was always saying nasty things about the show - which is completely untrue. Most fans are actually pleased she is free of the show. It has been very poor of late and has really tanked in the ratings this season. Check out the dramatic decline - week after week is a record low for the show. Heigl is leaving a sinking ship.