Lady GaGa Should Really Consider Traveling by Private Jet

Is it only a matter of time before Lady GaGa ends up on the TSA’s no-fly list? Mere days after being forcibly defrocked by a British flight crew due to health concerns, the Pantless One was pulled aside for a personal body search at Los Angeles International Airport by security personnel.

According to the Daily Mail, the “Bad Romance” singer was attempting to catch a departing flight from L.A. on Wednesday night when guards at the security checkpoint asked her to remove her black veil and sunglasses. But GaGa stood her style-conscious ground and refused, prompting personnel to drag her to a private room, where the singer was subjected to a 15-minute body search.

Come on, we know that GaGa’s new “Telephone” video is the absolute bomb, but a terror threat? Really?

Then again, given that the good Lady has been complaining about her state of celibacy lately, maybe it was just her sly way of getting a little action on the go.

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