Lindsay Lohan’s Case Against All The World’s Lindsays “Without Merit”

Lindsay Lohan, the sometime-actress and resident of the Jobless Narcissist Dreamworld, may have to find some other random company who uses the name “Lindsay” in a commercial to sue because her case against E*Trade’s “milkaholic” talking baby campaign is looking pretty bleak.

And, as it turns out, Esquire had a reporter embedded at the ad agency who handles the E*Trade campaign while they were creating the now-infamous “milkaholic” ad and produced draft scripts that show that the “milkaholic” baby in question was originally named “Deborah,” not “Lindsay.” In addition, the reporter had interviewed the Chief Creative Officer of the ad agency back in December and had asked if there was any link between the “milkaholic” baby and Lohan and the CCO replied: “Not at all. I don’t think we even thought of it at the time.” E*Trade, for their part, has released a statement calling the case “without merit” and that they plan to fight the case.

That screaming sound you hear off in the distance is Mama Dina Lohan learning that her latest trick to try to squeeze some more millions out of the dried up Lindsay money-well isn’t going so great.