Miley Cyrus Is Sick of People Saying Mean Things About Her, So There!

Haters, you’ve been put on notice—Miley Cyrus will no longer sit back and passively bear the brunt of your cruel jibes! The Hannah Montana star took to the airwaves recently to declare that, with her release of her upcoming big-screen effort The Last Song, she’s ready to be taken super-seriously, and tough luck to anyone who doesn’t agree:

“[I hope] for the first time people will take me seriously. [If not], I’m ready for the ups and downs. I’m so excited—no one can take that away from me.”

Oh, and for everybody who says mean things about her, like about how maybe she’s not the most awesome-est singer or actress in the world, Miley has three words for you: Get a life. Yeah, that’s right:

“I may not be the best singer in the world, but I don’t lip-sync. I’m honest. I’m honest in acting, too—I’m going to choose roles I like. I’m doing what I like. People that are dogging me probably aren’t, which is why they’re down on me. I want to tell them, ‘Go get a hobby!'”

But, um, Miley, isn’t the ability to absorb and learn from criticism part of being honest with yourself, and developing into a serious performer?

Oh well; we’re sure she’ll get the hang of this whole respectable artist thing sooner or later…