Model Thinks Jon Favreau Is Unattractive Enough to Sue Over

Model Thinks Jon Favreau Is Unattractive Enough to Sue Over-photo

Sure, he may not be Robert Pattinson, but is Jon Favreau really that bad?

Irina Krupnik, a Soviet-born makeup artist and former model, is suing the makers of the 2009 film Couples Retreat after a picture of her in a bikini was used as masturbation material for Favreau's character in a scene from the movie.

Krupnik had signed a general release for the photo when the bikini shots were taken nearly a decade ago, but apparently never through that a photograph of an attractive young woman in a bikini would be used as an "object for masturbation." Does this woman think that the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is published to sell swimsuits?

Krupnik's lawyers are seeking $10 million in damages not just because Krupnik was embarrassed about unwittingly being spank material, but because apparently she thinks actor-director Favreau is a hideous, fat old monster who would never be involved with a pretty woman. (Never mind that he is married to a pretty woman.) The suit describes Favreau as "playing a character at least twice the age of Ms. Krupnik in the photo," being "overweight" and having a "prominent belly" and, oh yeah, "desiccated." We guess if Favreau's character had been played by Brad Pitt, Krupnik would have bought DVDs for her family and friends. Can't stocky guys catch a break?



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  • Enthropii

    f*ck that bitch.

  • Simon Roberts
    Simon Roberts

    Dude directed Iron Man, wrote Swingers and is a great actor. Who is she again?

  • lola52779

    Ridiculous. It amazes me the way people try and get money. She obviously had her 15 minutes of fame and is trying to get it back. It's funny the way she described him because he's hilarious and has been around for a while and it doesn't look like he's going anywhere. This is just like Lindsay Lohan suing over the E-Trade baby commercial for using the name Lindsay.

  • MoonlightDeceptions

    what a bitch hes a wonderful actor, sorry hunny nobody will remember your name in like 3 weeks