Will This Day Never End!? One Man (Me!) Just Can’t Wait For His Robert Pattinson

Remember Me.

No, seriously, Remember Me. Because I may just not make it through this day. Not just any day, but Robert Pattinson movie day. Remember Me.

My “Bucket List” is 50 items long—49 of them dedicated to things I want to do with, for or because of RPattz. Today, I clear one line off that list, if my stupid ride will ever show up!

It’s Remember Me premiere day, and I’m freaking out. FREE-KEEN out! RPattz opening days are sacred to me, like Christmas morning to a child or bribery to a politician.

Don’t believe me? I pulled a sheet from my TEAM EDWARD diary to track my day, so far, my day waiting for Robert.


Remember Me Diary

How’s your RPattz premiere day going? If you’re not going, what is wrong with you?