Can Facebook Handle The Amount Of “About Me” Quotes That Zoolander 2 Will Produce?

Fans of the cult film Zoolander, a movie from 2001 that poked fun of male modeling and the fashion world, will be happy to know that a sequel is in the works. Ben Stiller sat down with Parade magazine and talked about the sequel, which has been nearly seven years in the making:

The biggest hurdle for me personally was that Drake Sather, who created the character, passed away. He was a good friend and the lump for me was it’s hard to imagine doing it without him. Now my buddy, Justin Theroux, has committed to directing and writing it. So I’m excited and I think it’s going to happen. I want to be able to do something that lives up to the first one. That’s the challenge.

While we are looking forward to the sequel, we aren’t looking forward to another decade of college-aged d-bags listing Zoolander quotes in their Facebook profiles. Do you think Zoolander 2 will live up to the original?

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