John Edwards’ Mistress Is Totally Repulsed by the ‘GQ’ Photos That She Agreed to and Posed For

We’ve all been there; you’re just standing there, minding your own business, and suddenly a bunch of sexy photos that you posed for, but totally hate, show up in the pages of a national magazine. Like, what up with that?

Rielle Hunter—the mistress and babymama of disgraced former Presidential candidate John Edwards—told The View hostess Barbara Walters on Monday morning that she finds the posed photographs that accompanied her tell-all interview in the latest issue of GQ—some of which depict her in a long white shirt with no pants—to be “repulsive.” As Walters recounted the conversation on this morning’s episode of the morning gab-fest,

“She was in tears when she called. and said that when she saw the pictures in GQ she screamed for two hours. She said she found the photographs repulsive.”

So, um, if the idea of the shots turned her stomach so much, why did she pose for them? According to Walters, former actress and producer Hunter claims she was done in by her own trusting nature:

“She said she trusted Mark Seliger, whom she said is a brilliant photographer and quote, ‘I went with the flow.”

Sure; she probably figured that they’d just Photoshop the pants on later, and she was posing without them so that she’d be more comfortable during the shoot. Even so, with everything she’s been through, should she really be trusting men at all at this point?

Take a look at the pics and share your thoughts in the comments section: Is Rielle Hunter genuinely outraged, or doth the other woman protest to much?

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