Jude Law Doesn’t Want To Spoil Lovechild With “Parenting”

Jude Law and his American baby mama Samantha Burke have come to an agreement about child support and visitation rights for their five-month old daughter Sophia. Law has agreed to $5,000 a month in child support and to visit Sophia twice a year, once around Christmas. Wait, just twice a year? He probably sees his accountant more often than that. Is he trying to play it cool and not come off like a devoted, loving father or something?

Listen Jude: your hair is already jumping ship and you are a couple years away from becoming a lookalike for Rue McClanahan. You aren’t going to be driving the Poon Wagon forever, so you might want to start forming some real relationships with your children. And no, popping your head in twice a year and handing over your monthly hair wax money doesn’t count as forming a meaningful relationship with your child. Oh well, I guess we should have known that maybe Jude wasn’t the best guy out there when he slept with certifable mess, Lindsay Lohan.

Remember kids, always practice safe sex.

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