Mel Gibson May Give Up Directing and Go Back to Ruling Malibu After His Next Film

Attention, movie industry; you may not have Mel Gibson to kick around much longer. The Passion of the Christ director says that, after he finishes up his next upcoming project—a Viking epic starring Leonardo DiCaprio—he may fold up his director’s chair and put it away for good. According to the self-proclaimed King of All Malibu, the project was a childhood ambition of his, and once he comes full circle by completing it he’s probably going to call it quits:

“I saw it in my mind back when I was teenager. Seriously, it’s the first movie I wanted to make. And I think it will be the last film I direct. It’s the thing I have been going toward, in a way, since I was young, and I think when it’s done I may be finished.”

Sounds logical, but what will Mel do to fill all the free time he’ll have? Star in Lethal Weapon 16? Become a driving instructor? Teach War History for Crackpots 101 at the local community college? Share your thoughts in the comments section: Will you be sad to see Mel Gibson give up directing, and what do you think his next step should be?

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