MTV Did Not Ban Lady GaGa’s “Telephone” Video, They Just Don’t Play Music Videos Anymore

According to a report on CNN, MTV–the formerly hip cable network that used to be famous for playing music videos and is now famous for endless programming revolving around The Hills–announced that they are banning Lady GaGa and Beyoncé‘s taboo-pushing “Telephone” music video. An MTV employee denied the claim on Twitter but that hasn’t stopped the story from spreading like wildfire, mostly because, well, does MTV even play music videos anymore?

We couldn’t remember the last time we saw a full music video on MTV  and a quick look at the network’s programming schedule reveals that they only play music videos in the wee morning hours. The fact that MTV plays music videos when the only people who are awake are farm hands or people with severe sleeping disorders might be fueling the ban rumor since so few people are awake to actually see the “Telephone” video playing on the network.

Even if the video was banned on MTV, would it make a difference? Most people watch music videos online and the “Telephone” video has already received over 15 million views on YouTube since it premiered last Thursday. So, what would it matter if MTV did decide to ban the video? A ban wouldn’t effect the video’s popularity considering that MTV is no longer the place for music videos.