Norwegian Rapper Tells Michael Jackson’s Kids “I’m Your Father, Now Give Me Money”

Omer Bhatti, a 25-year-old Norwegian rapper (yes, apparently that is a thing that exists) who is described as being Michael Jackson’s former protégé, is reportedly telling Jackson’s children that he is their father. Omer is currently living with the Jackson family and according to sources, manipulating the Jackson family and confusing the children.

Aside from the fact that Bhatti is only 13 years older than Jackson’s oldest child, he has told the children that he is their father, asked them to call him Michael and told them that Michael sent Bhatti to take care of them. According to sources he is currently living off of the Jackson family’s money.

Bhatti first became associated with Jackson in 1996 where Michael took a liking to him and dubbed him “Little Michael.” Jackson employed Bhatti’s mother and father and the family stayed on the Neverland Ranch. Bhatti was also one of the boys who slept with Jackson in his bed.

After Jackson’s death, rumors that Bhatti was Michael’s son began to form, particularly because Michael had described Bhatti as “like a son” and Bhatti was given a prime seat at Jackson’s funeral. Bhatti denied that he was Jackson’s son and said that he and the late Jackson were simply “best friends.”

Aside from all of the obvious battiness of Bhatti’s behavior, how does one go from being “like a son” to Jackson to taking on a fatherly role to Jackson’s biological children? If Bhatti is exploiting Jackson’s children for financial gain, we hope that the rest of the Jackson clan punts him back to the icy fjords of Norway so he can continue that “rapping” career without manipulating children.