Norwegian Rapper Tells Michael Jackson's Kids "I'm Your Father, Now Give Me Money"

Norwegian Rapper Tells Michael Jackson's Kids

Omer Bhatti, a 25-year-old Norwegian rapper (yes, apparently that is a thing that exists) who is described as being Michael Jackson's former protégé, is reportedly telling Jackson's children that he is their father. Omer is currently living with the Jackson family and according to sources, manipulating the Jackson family and confusing the children.

Aside from the fact that Bhatti is only 13 years older than Jackson's oldest child, he has told the children that he is their father, asked them to call him Michael and told them that Michael sent Bhatti to take care of them. According to sources he is currently living off of the Jackson family's money.

Bhatti first became associated with Jackson in 1996 where Michael took a liking to him and dubbed him "Little Michael." Jackson employed Bhatti's mother and father and the family stayed on the Neverland Ranch. Bhatti was also one of the boys who slept with Jackson in his bed.

After Jackson's death, rumors that Bhatti was Michael's son began to form, particularly because Michael had described Bhatti as "like a son" and Bhatti was given a prime seat at Jackson's funeral. Bhatti denied that he was Jackson's son and said that he and the late Jackson were simply "best friends."

Aside from all of the obvious battiness of Bhatti's behavior, how does one go from being "like a son" to Jackson to taking on a fatherly role to Jackson's biological children? If Bhatti is exploiting Jackson's children for financial gain, we hope that the rest of the Jackson clan punts him back to the icy fjords of Norway so he can continue that "rapping" career without manipulating children.



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  • barb

    3/18/10 It was stated sometime ago from Omer that he hasn't spoken to Michael in a long time and he as going to surprise him at the O2 Arena, Michael actually stop hanging around him when Paris, Prince and Blanket got older he had to put a lot of time in with his own kids and he enjoyed their company Michael helped Omer get a recording with some rapper.

  • JustAGuest

    If Omer Bhatti were truly Michael Jackson's son, a DNA test would have been done by now and would have been leaked into the press, especially taking into consideration how much the media has hounded the Jackson family. But more than that, as much as Michael Jackson publicly adored children, he would have included Omer in his will. However, Michael clearly stated he had only three children - Prince, Paris, and Blanket. I would have thought that put the whole thing to rest, by now. Sure, he may have called Michael "dad", but so did a lot of other boys who were close to Michael. On the one hand, I hope this story isn't true. But on the other hand, I have always had a gut suspicion Omer Bhatti had money on his mind. To move in on Michael's three children like that? It makes me wonder what information he has on Michael and his family because the whole thing reeks even more of money. Katherine, please get that leech out of the house and protect those three little children!

  • Moi

    Tabloid Junkie, great song by the late King Of Pop............

  • Astrid

    This story is a complete lie. Someone is trying to cause divsion and has gone from thing to another now their at Omer. He called MJ dad. And was like a brother to the kids. I think he's a true source of comfort and someone is having problems with it. If he is MJ's son, Michael may have left his money elsewhere. He did not want any of his children to be stalked and harrassed as he was. MJ would have done whatever he had to protect Omer. But I do believe Joe to some extent.

  • denise55

    I certainly hope a DNA test was done on this kid to prove he is even Michael's. He was not in the Jackson will. I don't believe Michael would have left him out if he is his son.I don't believe Katherine and the Jackson clan would allow this kind of manipulation.

  • sophie1986

    Totally believable.

  • lmt

    ridiculous story

  • fima

    i just saying that omer is just confusing the kids and that is not right at all ..ok he was a friend 4mj but not to using that and manipulating the kids saying he is the new daddy he is just a jerck

  • Nancy

    "Tara" I don't know where you were typing from but if you want to have your opinion taken seriously LEARN TO TYPE LEGIBLY!!!! In regards to this Bhatti person...I still don't know why I should even be aware of his existence. Just because he was friends with Michael..? Also, nothing would surprise me when it comes to his "friends" and their involvement in his life....nothing. So, this could be true.

  • MJfan

    Why am I reading this?? I have a feeling someone else is living off of these poor kids' misery. Leave them alone, enough is enough!

  • Tara

    i´m sorry when did you carry out research for this hard hitting piece of "journalism"?? none of this is true, other than the fact that Omer was like a son to Michael, and he would never do any of the ridiculous things that this article is suggesting. By the way he has his own money!!!! He doesn´t have to live off children for heaven´s sake. Please stop stealing stories from other pathetic online tabloids and go outside and FIND A REAL STORY!!