Rob Pattinson Continues Looking Victorian, Amazing, In Latest 'Bel Ami' Pics (PHOTOS)

So remember those amazing pics last week of the first glimpses of Robert Pattinson in his Victorian costume on the set of his new film Bel Ami? We've got more for you lucky folks! Hmm....we're not too sure about this look and the hair, but its RPattz so we'll let it slide.

Hopefully, this movie fares better than Remember Me, which kinda bombed at the box office this weekend. Check out the new pics of RPattz on set and let us know what you think about his new look. 



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  • yeah

    So dreamy and handsome *sigh

  • jagiyaaa

    iamn 1 day ago Reply congrats rob you just made a victorian look like a HOBO. he or she or it is saying that because of jealousy. maybe he/she/it is the Hobo


    There is supposed to be a WHOLE LOT OF SEX in this movie. I just don't know if I can take seeing the real, no holds barred Rob. None of that holding back like in Twilight. Gosh where's my fan!!


    This is the next James Bond and that's for sure. Rob knows how to WORK IT! Rob is the BUSINESS.

  • ruthie

    Donnellan will bring out the best in him.Cant wait to see it.

  • sonya

    I cant wait for the scene where he has sex with K Scott Thomas character. Hot and nasty.

  • sonya

    Looking forward to the photoshoots of this film with Rob and all the actresses.

  • torez

    I hope Bel Ami comes out after Water for Elephants. he needs a huge hit with Elephants before a small film like Bel Ami comes out

  • wendyn

    The scowl is very sexy Yeah I love that he;s in character. Georges Duroy is such a mother F

  • wendyn

    He picks great projects. The twilight fans arent worthy of him. They have cack taste

  • wibble

    Sweet Jesus he;s my perfect Georges

  • janey

    The scowl is very sexy

  • gab

    most of the time he looks hot, but from some angles, like this one, he looks like roger federer or quentin tarantino. i don't think he's gonna age well.

  • Rosie

    He does a good American accent but his face screams European. He's hot sometimes but still ridiculously European... I think it's the bone structure?

  • spiniton

    gawd I wish it wasn't weird for men to dress like this anymore. He looks very sexy.

  • Jenn

    To not see him as beautiful is to be blind! :)

  • cindy

    OMG!!! He is just soooooooooo cute!!!!

  • pam

    I love the victorian look.

  • what are you seeing that I don't see.......
    what are you seeing that I don't see.......

    congrats rob you just made a victorian look like a HOBO. Why do you say that? He looks absoluely appropriate for the period.

  • iamn

    congrats rob you just made a victorian look like a HOBO.

  • bettyel

    Go see "Remember Me". Not only was it a good picture, but Rob looked gorgeous and did an excellent acting job as did the rest of the cast. You won't be sorry. Can't imagine why the reviews were so luke warm. It was at least a 4 star movie.

  • Dawn

    Remember Me did not bomb at the box office. This is just irresponsible and unfactual reporting for the sake of extra clicks. Remember me was a low budget movie of $16m it has earned back over half it's budget in just the first three days of being open.

  • edward151

    super hot i cant wait for this movie he looks amazing

  • RME

    The look is working for him. I'm looking forward to this movie. It looks like he doesn't think too much of the papz that are taking the pictures, though. Can't say I blame him.

  • bibi

    Ican't wait for Bel-Ami .. MR Georges Duroy.. EFFING SEXY!

  • zizi

    E F F I N G G O R G O U S T H U D !

  • Sam

    Delish. It is workin' for him.

  • Donnie

    I wonder if he is into Cougars.....older women...wink-wink...I wonder if I could go to jail making this comment..lmao. He is too darn cute...and damn fine.

  • evita1500

    God I love his "are you talkin' to me" pissed off look!! Remember Me was amazing&it didn't flop dear Celebuzz! It's a freakin indie film that cost 15 million to make! For an indie, it did good! But Matt Damon's movie on the other cost over 100million to make, it was in over 3600 cinemas&it was marketed as a blockbuster, but it it made THAT is a flop!

  • paula

    R Patz looks so different with longer hair, but still looks amazing...


    R.M. did well, a movie with that kind of end is still a difficult subject , so it's going really nice for that type of flick

  • Lily

    RM didnt bomb. It was made for $16mil and did near enough to what it was expected to. It was never going to do huge blockbuster numbers anyway since it was only on about 2200 screens. Only retards who know nothing about BO would think it would

  • waifterson

    Absolutely gorgous, cant wait for the movie

  • rarmaus

    Correct!!! Lets face it, no matter what hair style he uses he is hot....

  • MrsPattinson2B

    You can see his nuts hanging down (See bulge in pants!) Mmmmm yummy!

  • Maiara

    the look and the hair is just perfect for the movie, it's so close to the character of the book. he really seems from this age! So beautiful, and with this anger on his face is even more close do George Du Roy ps.: IF U DIDNT SEE REMEMBER ME, GO FOR IT, IT'S A BEAUTIFUL, SAD HISTORY THAT WILL FOR SURE TOUCH YOUR HEART.

  • julie04

    Mh I love him :D

  • tatts09

    *sigh*...he even looks good with his hair parted in the middle...i'm loving the "wtf are you looking at??" look he's giving...

  • kami

    I love Rob, is Super Sexy