Running Out Of Ideas For Attention, Tila Tequila Lends Support To Chris Brown

That’s right, pocket-sized bisexual celebrity Tila Tequila is back on Twitter and wasting no time in making a fool out of herself. Tila tweeted yesterday morning that she supports convicted Rihanna-abuser Chris Brown and that she is going to promote him on her new “LEGIT celebrity Gossip blog” because he “deserves” it. Um, what?

Chris Brown has had some trouble repairing his image after he was convicted of beating up his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009.  Last year, after the Chris Brown/Rihanna domestic abuse story initially broke, Tiny Tila took to the Twitter to call Brown a “pu**y ass b*tch,” told him he needed to get “ass rapped” [sic] in prison, claimed that if she ever saw Brown in “the streets” she would “pop him in the face.” The noted gay-rights activist also asked Brown over Twitter if he was a “fa**ot,” because if there is one sure sign that a man is gay, it is if he beats up women. Well, it appears that Tila has had a change of heart. Surely if St. Tila can publicly forgive Chris Brown, she thinks we all can.

Maybe Brown is resting easy knowing that Tila Tequila, an (alleged) victim of domestic violence herself, is working hard for him. (Or maybe he is smart enough to not want to be associated with her, who knows.) We’re sure her LEGIT celebrity gossip blog will do wonders for his reputation.