Alicia Keys And New Man Not Above Rubbing Adulterous Affair In Your Face

Alicia Keys and a real-life human being named Swizz Beatz (apparently he is an influential hip-hop producer) stepped out as an official couple at the Gotham magazine party in New York last night but there is more drama that lurks behind the good-looking couple. Beatz is currently involved in a messy divorce with his wife, R&B singer Mashonda. Back in September the current Mrs. Beatz wrote an open letter accusing America’s Sweetheart Alicia Keys of being a husband-thief and destroying her family. (But it appears she was willing to let the cheating Mr. Beatz get off without a fair share of the blame). Keys, meanwhile, when she wasn’t happily tweeting about love, was accusing Mashonda of not letting things get handled quietly and airing her grievances out in the open. And why should Mashonda have any say in this? She is only the wife of the man Alicia Keys is having an adulterous affair with. If the home-wrecking allegations are true–and it sure sounds like they are–this would run contrary to Keys’ public image of being the sweet and classy songstress who sometimes stands next to Jay-Z in Times Square.