BUZZINGS: Lady GaGa Puts Her Own Sister In Jail For “Telephone” Video

• Placement of a brunette Lady GaGa lookalike explained in “Telephone” video as GaGa’s kid sister. Still not explained: the product placement for Plenty of Fish. (Gawker)

• Speaking of “Telephone,” a blogger wearing his most haute couture tinfoil hat says that the song is really about the Illuminati and mind control. (ONTD)

• Prepare for another summer with sexy vampires: True Blood is set to return on June 13th. (ONTD)

Tiger Woods’ wife is apparently cool with Tiger sleeping with 15,000 cocktail waitresses, but is decidedly not cool with him hooking up with a porn star. (Radar)

Paul Schneider, who plays city planner Mark Brendanawicz on Parks & Recreation, is too big of a movie star to be hanging around lil’ Pawnee. (EW)