Lady Gaga Collapses From Too Much Fierceness During Concert In New Zealand

Our nation’s most fabulous perfrormer, Lady Gaga, looked like she was in a lot of pain during a performance on March 13th in New Zealand. While performing “Bad Romance,” the pop star crouched on her knees, removed her metal headgear (and no, we’re not talking about the kind you wore in middle school) and then laid down on the stage while her dancers continued to performed behind her. Check out the video below.

GaGa is currently in the middle of a grueling international touring schedule. Her constant touring paired with the fact she has been looking pretty emaciated as of late might have contributed to the collapse. However, GaGa’s penchant for drama and weirdness makes us wonder if taking a nap in the middle of one of her biggest songs was part of the act. She is just so taboo-pushing! Also, GaGa seemed to be tweeting just fine after the performance and made no mention of any collapse or halting of her touring schedule. Or maybe GaGa is such a trooper she is willing to risk her own health for the sake of the performance. Watch the video and decide for yourself:

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