Mischa Barton Nearly Executes a Dine-and-Dash, But at the Grocery Store

What, did Mischa Barton blow through all of that Law & Order: SVU money already? The former O.C. starlet had an embarrassing moment at a Los Angeles-area Whole Foods supermarket on Monday night, when she found herself unable to pay for her groceries—which, unfortunately, she’d already begun chowing down on before she reached the register.

The ever-vigilant eagle-eyes at Radar Online report that she was shopping with a friend and began munching some cooked pasta while waiting in the checkout line. Sadly, when she went to pay for the half-eaten item, the cashier informed her that her credit card was declined. As was a second card that Barton produced.

Then Mischa opened her wallet to see if she had any cash to pay her bill. Nothing but moths, alas.

Finally, apparently tiring of watching his pal’s abject humiliation unfold, Barton’s friend ponied up for the goods. Which is silly, since Mischa probably could have worked off the bill by  bagging groceries for an hour or so.

Why do we get the feeling that a sudden attack of the munchies might have spurred this whole tragic scenario?