Spencer Pratt Leaving The Hills Because He Is A Terrorist, Not Because He Is Fighting Terrorists

Spencer Pratt may be telling the public that he quit The Hills to valiantly defend his country against the threat of cyber terrorists, but the truth behind his departure is actually a lot more believable to anyone who is familiar with Pratt’s sparkling personality. Us Weekly reports that Pratt was asked to leave The Hills after he threatened a female producer and is being forced to take six weeks of at-home anger management training.

After a female producer made a request of Pratt, he reportedly screamed at her, “I should kill you for even asking me to do that!” which prompted her to file a complaint against him and get him kicked off the show. The real question is: what did the producer ask him to do that set off the normally peaceful and non-confrontational Pratt? Did she request that he say something nice to his wife, Heidi Montag? Show human compassion for someone other than himself? Shave his flesh-colored goat beard? There are just too many possible requests that could piss off the (former) Hills star.